Interior and Exterior Building Signage Types and Options

Ever seen a shopfront or an office nameplate that deserves a second look? There are plenty of building signs Sydney solutions you can opt for in order to personalize the signage on your premises. When it comes to installing building signs, there is a very broad range of options you can choose from. Most signage designers even group them into several categories, making it easier for you to identify what you are looking for.

Building Signs Sydney

This article discusses a few main sign types and options that are currently available in the marketplace. These are also some of the most popular signage options, which are adopted by most businesses in Sydney.


A-frames are both convenient and affordable options, which you can use to promote your business or a special event that you are organizing. A-frames can be applied to both indoor and outdoor spaces. They are also very light in weight and very easy to use.

Most retailers use this type of signage to announce upcoming promotions in their stores. Many of these signages are made from steel tube frames, along with a visual area that typically measures 900 x 600. You can choose from various sizes and styles that suit your tastes and preferences.

Channel Letters

Channel letters refer to the three-dimensional letters that are lit on a face light, a reverse light, or both face and reverse light. In some instances, channel letters are also exposed in neon lighting. With the recent advances of technology, channel letters now have the latest LED lighting innovations or neon illuminations.


This is another common option when it comes to building signs Sydney designs. You can either use small banners to get the message out in a small way or big banners if you want to achieve maximum impact with your message. These are very affordable, very effective as marketing messages, and very easy to install.

Multi-Tenant Pylons

This is another popular form of building signs Sydney, which is widely deployed across the Australian territory. You can use these to get your shopping centre look modern and trendy. These can also be customized to fit into any type of building.

Vehicle Graphics

When it comes to using vehicle graphics, what you can put here is only limited by your imagination. The options to apply are literally endless. Also considered to be one of the best “value-for-money”, these signages are exposed to record audiences as you drive past busy streets. You can make it a round-the-clock advertising, as well as a mobile form of dynamic advertising.

Ground Signs

Ground signs are used to capture the attention of prospective customers who are driving by. You can use these to point them where your business is located. Ground signs from the most reputable building signs in Sydney providers are built with high-grade materials, ensuring quality and durable signages. These are also hyper-efficient in capturing the attention of passersby.


A shopfront is another popular form of office signs in Sydney. Shopfronts can be used to display your business name, your products, and your services. Shopfronts can also take multiple formats. These can be in the form of digital graphics or multi-colored vinyl. You can target them at both prospective customers and potential suppliers by telling them where you are.

Other building signs Sydney that you can opt for include banner stands, hoarding and wall graphics, as well as corflute signs.

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